World’s Most Advanced Cannabis Facility Under Construction In Canada

There will soon be two ways to get high at Edmonton International Airport. For one, you’ll need a boarding pass and for the other, a prescription.

Aurora Cannabis Inc., one of Canada’s 36 licensed producers of quality marijuana, just announced a new 800,000 square foot facility to cultivate cannabis at the Edmonton Airport. This massive grow-op will be called “Aurora Sky” and is currently under construction.

The positioning of this new space was carefully considered for its various competitive advantages. Those benefits include access to a reliable low-cost power source and the ability to cozy up to international customs authorities when needed for importing and exporting equipment, supplies, and of course the ganja itself.


Aurora CEO Terry Booth said in a press release that this is a “pivotal initiative” for the Canadian cannabis sector and the global cannabis industry alike. He went on to add that Aurora Sky when completed, will be the “the world’s most advanced cannabis facility envisioned.”

The Vice President of the Edmonton International Airport, Myron Keehn, also joined the love-fest by stating that Aurora Cannabis will benefit by having “bonded warehousing, ground transportation access, and air cargo connections across the country.” The air cargo access will help reduce costs for their domestic cannabis endeavors.

Even though the amount of medical marijuana users in Canada has more than tripled in the last year, the Aurora Sky facility is not just in place to keep up with the demand for patients. Like most LP’s in Canada, they see the MMJ program as the appetizer before the main course. Canada is set to legalize adult-use cannabis in the spring of 2017.

“Aurora Sky will prepare the company to meet the rapidly growing medical demand, as well as position us for the soon to be legalized recreational market with the world’s largest and most sophisticated cannabis production facility,” said Neil Belot, Aurora’s Chief Brand Officer.

This juggernaut of a cannabis farm is just one of many strategic business moves employed by Canadian licensed producers to position themselves for domination of the global marijuana industry. While countries including the U.S. are still mired in political red tape when it comes to the federal legalization of pot, Canada was the first to allow medical marijuana in 2001 and will now be the first G7 country to nationally legalize cannabis for adult-use.

Aurora Sky is scheduled to be completed October 2017 and construction of the facility’s pre-engineered structure has been underway in the Netherlands since October. Once completed, it will be able to cultivate more than 100,000 kg (over 200,000 pounds) of marijuana per year.

With that kind of output, Aurora Cannabis will be responsible for more trips than Air Canada.

All Photos Courtesy of Aurora Cannabis, Inc.

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