White House Press: Medical Marijuana is “Vital” and Non-Med is NOT

During this morning’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer fielded questions from reporters focused mainly on last night’s Joint Address to Congress by President Trump.

During the lengthy Q&A session, Spicer briefly touched on the dichotomy of medical and recreational cannabis in America when asked by OANN White House Correspondent Trey Yingst to delineate some of his previous statements from last Thursday.

Q: Sean, I’m just looking for some clarification on your comments from the last week about the administration’s stance on recreational marijuana.  During the campaign, the President had said that this is a states’ rights issue.  Is this still where he believes this issue should flow, or does he believe it’s a federal —

SPICER:  Yeah, I think, Trey, there is a specific carve-out in the appropriations for medical marijuana.  And I think the President understands that that can be a vital part of treatment, especially for terminally ill patients and people facing certain kinds of medical things.  But there is a — I think I was very — I’m sorry if I wasn’t, but I think I was clear that there is a big difference between the medical and the non-medical.

Spicer’s comments represent somewhat of a catch-22 of sorts, as medical marijuana advocates may take some solace in the fact that the White House just admitted that medical cannabis is a viable treatment option. Ultimately, though, that admission calls into question our Controlled Substances Act and its scheduling system.

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