West Coast Cure E-Volves for the Civilized World

Already a fan favorite among today’s many extract aficionados – thanks to its incredible flavor – West Coast Cure has just launched their own brand of terpene-rich vape oils.

Tired of the hoards of bland and flavorless vape oils currently littering dispensary shelves, the shrewd and scientifically astute extract artists at West Coast Cure (WCC) have achieved what many consider to be the Holy Grail of vaping – the creation of an ultra-purified shatter oil that tastes just like WCC’s palatable dabs.

Intrinsic to their fundamental belief that today’s consumers seek a savory and satisfying vape pen experience, West Coast Cure has been on a 12-month mission to create the best terpene-rich e-pen cartridge for the California market. Creating nectar-like oils that maintain the same consistency of flavor and purity as their highly valued shatters and budders, WCC’s mission was a success.

Mission Accomplished WCC!

WCC Starter Kit

Initially founded in 2012, West Coast Cure and their incredibly heady concentrates dominated their first HTCC competition. Taking home the highly desirable High Times Cannabis Cup trophy for first place in the category of ‘Best Concentrates,’ WCC’s Hardcore OG Budder rocked its competitors and redefined the meaning of “tasty dabs.” Four years later, West Coast Cure decided it was time to shake up the existing paradigm in the world of vape pen cartridges, and elevate the flavor profile of these medicinal oils.

Germinating proprietary oils from their exclusive cultivators, West Coast Cure’s primary goal was simple and straightforward – replicate the flavor of West Coast Cure’s very own award-winning extracts. Avoiding the herd mentality and shunning subpar oils as a means of maintaining profitability, WCC’s primary concern has consistently remained the patient’s overall experience.

Low-Temps Equal Better Flavor

By formulating an e-pen and oil that works at lower temperatures, West Coast Cure has worked diligently to maintain the viability and flavor profile of the available terpenes in their shatter oil. Preserving the therapeutic benefits of the ß-Caryophyllene, ß-Myrcene, D-Limonene, Humulene, and α-Pinene terpenes, WCC’s low-temp e-pen allows the full flavor profile of their oil to shine through like a “crazy diamond.”


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The Vape Hit

Each West Coast Cure cartridge contains 500mg of ultra-purified premium shatter oil, which tastes just like its solidified counterpart. And, depending on your individual tolerance level, one cartridge can easily represent a solid week’s worth of unobtrusive medication. I know this to be true, as I just tried it out.

In doing a little personal research in preparation for this product review, I took the West Coast Cure “in-flight paranoia challenge” on my recent trip to the North Shore of Oahu. As a frequent flyer that loathes flying, getting properly medicated before stepping foot on any plane is how I circumvent my irrational fear of soaring 31,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean. Having more than a little experience with e-pens, oils and the occasional white-knuckle flight to the Hawaiian Islands, I was excited to give WCC’s cartridges the opportunity to assuage my anxiety, which they did beautifully. Like hitting a dab of West Coast Cure’s Hardcore Budder from my daily driver, ripping a low-temp vape hit from WCC’s e-cartridges resembles the same chronic flavor profile.

The High

Vaping the e-pen in the smokers lounge at LAX like a panicked aviophobe, the West Coast Cure high was simply No ka `oi! Like their translucent (shatter) and creamy (budder) cousins, WCC’s Cured Cartridges wiped away my fear of going down in flames somewhere east of the Hawaiian Islands. Instead of feeling fear and anxiety over my perceived danger, I felt the warm rush of knowledge flashing through my cerebral cortex: “Planes are one of the safest forms of public transportation, right?” Regardless of the factual accuracy of that thought, the resulting high was just what the doctor ordered. Pleasantly relaxed and free of any reeking contraband, I calmly boarded our flight bound for the Honolulu International Airport. After six fun-filled hours of watching the fuselage flex like a wind-whipped kite as we bounced through tropical turbulence, I had safely arrived on the South Shore of Oahu. Picking up the car rental and navigating my way through the maze of North Shore traffic, I safely found refuge at Turtle Bay. For five solid days, I hit that e-pen from Haleiwa to Velzlyland. Though I could smell the occasional whiff of some fine Hawaiian pakalolo at Haleiwa beach during the 2016 Hawaiian Pro surf contest, my WCC e-pen was the pillar of discretion — even if I wasn’t.

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