WA and CO to Feds: Back Off Legalization!

In the wake of the administration’s recent announcement of “greater enforcement” for adult-use states, the governors of both Washington and Colorado have announced they intend to defy the federal government — should the feds try to wreak havoc on their voter-approved legalized marijuana.

Citing a desire to be on the right side of history and defend their constituents’ constitutional rights, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper have both spoken out publicly regarding their intentions to resist any efforts by the Department of Justice to crack down on their state-sanctioned reform.

Colorado’s Constitutional Case:

Forcefully defending the 55% of his constituents who initially supported Amendment 64, Gov. Hickenlooper spoke out on Sunday to “Meet The Press.” Explaining the personal use and regulation of marijuana for adults over the age of 21 is a now a critical part of their state’s constitution, Gov. Hickenlooper put it simply for Chuck Todd; “I took a solemn oath to support our constitution.”

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Initially resistant to the idea of recreational legalization in the Centennial State, Colorado’s Gov. explained how his overt reluctance to supporting legalization – based on misguided and preconceived notions – is slowly changing; “I mean, I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but we have made a lot of progress. We didn’t see a spike in teenage use. If anything, it’s come down in the last year.

With eyes NOW wide open, Hickenlooper enlightened the national audience on Colorado’s experimentation with legalization:

“We’re getting anecdotal reports of less drug dealers. I mean, that’s — if you get rid of that black market, you got tax revenues to deal with addictions and some of the unintended consequences of legalized marijuana, maybe this system is better than what was admittedly a pretty bad system to begin with.”

In agreement with Gov. Hickenlooper, results of a national poll by Quinnipiac University published last week demonstrates that 71% of surveyed voters said the feds should NOT roll out federal law in states that have legalized medicinal or adult-use marijuana.

Washington vs. Trump Administration:

First asking the Trump administration to avoid “the wrong side of history” in early February, Gov. Jay Inslee has now unleashed Washington’s Atty. Gen. Bob Ferguson in defense of the state’s adult-use marijuana laws, according to the Seattle Times.

“I will resist any efforts by the Trump administration to undermine the will of the voters in Washington State.”

Geared up and ready for battle with real facts and figures, Ferguson points to Washington’s diminished black-market marijuana sales and its strictly regulated industry. Anticipated to rake in just north of $270 million for fiscal 2017 by reforming their adult-use pot laws, Washington has seriously curbed illegal drug cartel activity in many municipalities and has freed up law enforcement to protect and serve their local communities.

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