Upscale Cannabis for Canadians Today and the World Tomorrow

The green rush is rapidly engulfing first world society and culture.

Case in point the recent partnership between licensed Canadian producer Aphria Inc. and the company that wants to bring “emotion, design and function to cannabis,” Tokyo Smoke.  This first of its kind deal in Canada connects a popular cannabis brand with a leading producer to market their marijuana as one.

Tokyo Smoke has four distinct strains billed as “cannabis experiences,” catering to the needs of all pot enthusiasts.  “Go” is an energizing Sativa, “Relax” is a calming Indica, “Balance” is an even Hybrid, and “Relief” is the high-CBD strain.

Watching the branding of cannabis is a fascinating journey that combines the repeal of prohibition and the birth of a new industry.

In this particular case, by keeping the names of the strains simple, with brief but effective descriptions, Tokyo Smoke is making it easy for the newer cannabis consumers to shop.  While every mildly-experienced marijuana user understands the general differences between Sativa and Indica classifications, it’s all still a foreign language to much of the outside world. Even the idea of consuming pot and feeling energized for activities can be alien to outsiders raised under prohibition.  Tokyo Smoke won’t be able to shift the cannabis landscape without the right growing partner.

“I have a lot of love for Aphria’s approach, there’s something very powerful about sun-grown cannabis,” says Alan Gertner, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tokyo Smoke.  Alan is referring to the 100% greenhouse grown cannabis crops that Aphria provides to the country.

Tokyo Smoke currently has the same types of cannabis developing in the U.S., but current circumstances dictate that one can’t export the product across the border. Aphria is coming to the rescue with crops.

“They are not necessarily the same strains but they’re the same profiles.  What we want to ensure is that the experiences are similar or the same and we need to work within the laws of the cannabis landscape.  As Tokyo Smoke expands from Canada to the U.S., Jamaica, and Uruguay, we want to offer a similar experience but we have to recognize that we can’t ship cannabis across borders.”

Alan’s goal with Tokyo Smoke is to pioneer the cannabis brand in the countries that allow a marijuana industry to exist.  “I’d like to think we’ll be the first company to ship branded cannabis in more than one country. To me, that’s really exciting.”

Business deals like these will no doubt continue to develop on the cannabis landscape as pot finally gets let off the chain next year in Canada.

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