Survive the Winter Holidays With THC Delights

The holidays are a time of happiness and joy for millions of people across the world — until they’re not. For the times when your Secret Santa partner forgets your gift back in Kansas, or your Aunt’s awful fruitcake gives you chronic stomach pain, these THC-infused gifts will you get you right back in the spirit. From good old fashioned flower to modern medicated marvels, we’ve highlighted something for everyone — but don’t forget to treat yourself, it’s the only way you’ll make it through four hours of ’60s claymation with Grammy and Pop-Pop.

West Coast Cure Shatter Pen

west coast cure cured pen

Each West Coast Cured Cartridge contains 500mg of ultra-purified premium shatter oil that tastes exactly like its dab-able counterpart. And, depending on your level of tolerance, one cartridge can easily represent a solid week’s worth of unobtrusive medication.

Habit Cannabis Drinks

habit <stro />cannabis</strong> drink” width=”702″ height=”660″ /></p>
<p><span class=The 100mg Habit Sparking Beverage is an all-natural cannabis beverage that provides a blast of fruity fizziness with nourishing weedy goodness. Carbonated to give you the elegant feel of a classy, sparkling drink, natural to give you the therapeutic and healing benefits of cannabis and fruit.

Chief  Preroll Joints

chief preroll joints

Not to be confused with the standard giveaway Prerolls at your local dispensary, these delectable joints are available in a variety of popular strains. Each convenient pack comes stuffed with seven little fatties (3.5g total) that taste, smell, and smoke like quality bud — not leftover shake.

Guild Extracts THCa Crystalline

thc-a crystalline

While the sky-high potency (99% THC) and crystal form may scare some folks away, THCa Crystalline provides a surprisingly clean, focused, and inspired high.

Lift Tickets Rolling Papers

medicated wraps

These medicated rolling papers have wax infused right into the fibers of the paper, so there’s no drip-off or mess. Lift Tickets use locally sourced concentrate in their papers, so find a flavor you enjoy and get rolling.

Lola Lola Lemon OG Wax

lola lola lemon og

Heady, like walking through a THC-laced citrus orchard on a hot steamy day; but rather than lemons hanging from the tree causing the euphoric scent, it’s the fresh aroma emanating from this buddery Lemon OG Wax. Healthier than a bong hit or joint, a single dab instantly instills a lofty sense of blissful serenity. FYI, Lemon OG Wax works wonders for holistic pain management and stress reduction.

True Humboldt SFV OG


SFV OG sparks a tad more inspiration and creativity than its Afghani-crossed cousin – SFV OG Kush. This strain has long been one of the top Sativa-dominant strains for inspired thinkers from Los Angeles to New York, and True Humboldt’s crop is no exception. Just a quick rip off your favorite piece and that hectic 9-to-5 world is nothing but a distant memory. Replace your seasonal stress with a renewed interest in the creative side of life.

Korova Black Bar

1000mg edible

Containing 20 grams of dried cannabis, the Korova Black Bar is an edible monster. Can you handle 1,000mg of THC?

Uncle Ronnie’s Smoked Maple Bacon Jerky

weed jerky

Jerky. Smokey. Bacony. Maple-y…? Well, you get the picture. Uncle Ronnie’s Inc has outdone themselves with this sweet and syrupy Smoked Maple Bacon Jerky infused with 175mg of quality THC oil. Wake and Bacon.

White Rabbit Orange THC Tablets

thc tablets

These handy pocket-sized chewables are perfect for on-the-go. They’re lab tested for potency and precisely dosed so you can get just the right amount without feeling overwhelmed. The fast-acting THC tablets are delicious, yet contain no artificial sweeteners.

BareWoods Blunts


These award-winning blunts will surely put you into hibernation mode. BareWoods blunts pack a gram of the finest hand-picked flower, infused with a quarter-gram of nug run shatter, into your favorite flavor of Backwood — complete with glass tip.

Find these products and many more at your local dispensary on Weedmaps!

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