Sanders Jokes: Let Postal Service Deliver Marijuana to Raise Revenue

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders made history last week at a Democratic primary debate by becoming the first major presidential candidate to indicate he’d vote in favor of legalizing marijuana if given the chance.

But now, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, Sanders might have a way to use marijuana to save the the U.S. Postal Service from budget problems that have plagued it in recent years.

“Would you be open to the idea…maybe have postal carriers deliver marijuana to people?” the ABC late-night talk show host asked Sanders during an interview on Wednesday.

“That’ll get rid of the federal deficit pretty quickly, won’t it?” quipped the senator from Vermont.

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The Postal Service has operated at a loss recently, ending the most recent fiscal quarter $568 million in the hole. The previous quarter it lost $1.5 billion.

Sanders has already proposed allowing people to access banking services through post offices, and now the marijuana delivery idea, while clearly a joke for now, might actually not be too far off from being seriously considered as more and more states enact legalization and pressure builds on the federal government to end its overarching prohibition laws.

On the broader question of legalization, Sanders told Kimmel that he’s still taking a close look at how Colorado and other states are implementing their new laws. “I am not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana,” he said.

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