Rove Marijuana Vape Cartridges and Pens, Good To The Last Drop!

Like Sarah Silverman and Nate Diaz, millions of reliable, hard-working Americans from coast-to-coast are turning to the therapeutic benefits of vaporizing their marijuana cannabinoids, particularly when in social situations. Diminutive, discrete, and highly effective, the Rove vape pen and its tasty cartridges provide chronic cover for those looking to “vape” while enjoying a night on the town.

Rove vape pens and cartridges are nothing short of a modern-day marvel. Utilizing a supercritical CO2 extraction process, every single strain of Rove’s peaceful line of oil is 100% solvent free and made for your vaporizing pleasure.


 Rove OG <stro />Marijuana</strong> oil” width=”250″ height=”260″ />OG – Sleep</h4>
<p><strong>Creating a potent and tasty Indica-dominant oil, OG is Rove’s stoniest cartridge. Masked in clues of earth-like pine and sweet floral scents, Rove’s OG put my insomnia to bed. Providing a heavy body high and some serious pain relief, this strain works well for those trying to stimulate appetite or a good night’s rest. Cannabinoid content:  THC – 75.12% | CBD  – 0.19% | CBN – 2.56%</strong></p>
<p><img class=Kush – Relaxing

Simply dank. Another Indica-dominant oil, Rove’s Kush cartridge enjoys woody overtones with an inspirational exhale. As tasty as it was calming, Rove’s Kush cartridge provides relief for stressful muscles, nausea, and chronic pain. Cannabinoid content: THC – 74.98% | CBD – 0.31% | CDN – 2.68%

Rove Ape Oil

Rove Ape Vaporizing cartridgeApe – Soothing

Creating a hybrid cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani, this Indica-dominant cartridge incorporates some of the most potent gene pools in the cannabis industry. Creating an oil with hints of tropical berries, and punctuated with “a distinct grape-like aroma,” The Ape strain by Rove provides an incredible hit of flavor while simultaneously relaxing the soul. Cannabinoid content: THC – 75.62% | CBD – 0.31% | CBN – 2.68%

Rove Cookies Marijuana Oil For relaxing

Rove cookies vaporizing oilCookies – Spiritual

Like a spiritual yoga for the mind, Cookies by Rove induces a profound sense of relaxation and blissful existence. Another Indica-dominant hybrid strain, a few simple puffs off this cartridge and the mind is transported to an elevated stratum of existence. Punctuated by its sweet citrus and fruity overtones, this was one of the more relaxing vape cartridges I was privileged to test.  Cannabinoid content: THC – 76.46% | CBD  – 0.19% | CBN – 2.58%

Marijuana oil

Rove sherbet Vape OilSherbet –  Enlightening

Tasty and satisfying. Sherbet is a hybrid that leans towards its Indica tendencies: Influential and heady, the high from just two puffs off this vape pen was instantaneous. Created from Nor Cal’s world-famous Girl Scout Cookies, the exhale was rich with a mix of berries, grapefruit and a hint of skunk. Tapping that inner bliss, Rove’s Sherbet oil tank helps mitigate a stressful day, eliminate lower back tension, and improve any foul moods left over from the 9-to-5 grind. Cannabinoid content:  THC – 75.58% | CBD – 0.28% | CBN – 2.54%

 Rove Dream Vape Pens

Rove Dream Vape PensDream – Surreal

A sweet and lofty cross between Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough, this Sativa-dominant hybrid balances a comfortable body high with a calm, cerebral spark of creativity. Through a memorable sweet strawberry fragrance, Dream delivers its therapeutic cannabinoids with just a few quick puffs off the vape pen. Providing rushed relief from nagging aches and pains, its elevated CBN and CBD cannabinoid content provides substantial relief for today’s senior tokers. Cannabinoid content: THC – 73.88% | CBD – 0.19% | CBN – 2.63%

Rove Waui

Rove Waui Vape PensWaui – Tranquil

No doubt inspired by the iconic name “Maui Waui,” Rove’s Waui vape cartridge delivers a tropical hit of stress-relieving cannabinoids with every toke. Simple and to the point, hitting its sultry flavors and anxiety-relieving compounds were like taking an island vacation with every puff. With hints of Hawaii’s main export — pineapple — this Sativa-rich strain delivers a high-energy burst of creative rapture. For those without  cash or time, the Aloha spirit in this strain allows even the most cash-strapped of us to feel as though we’re on a Hawaiian vacation. Cannabinoid content:  THC – 75.98% | CBD – 0.20% | CBN – 2.56%

Rove Haze Marijuana cartridge

Rove Haze Vape PenHaze – Inspirational

Intense and creative with a historical lineage, Haze was originally cultivated in the foggy mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. A West Coast star from the wilder days of prohibition, this blend takes individuals deep into their imaginative inner child. Soaked in inspirational terpenes, this Haze tank enjoys a superb cross of tropical zest, spice and a hint of earthy flavors. Cannabinoid content:  THC – 75.82% | CBD – 0.29% | CBN – 2.56%

Available from San Diego to San Francisco, Rove vape pens and cartridges are easy to find at at San Francisco’s Bloom Room, Orange County’s OC3,  Santa Ana’s South Coast Safe Access and From The Earth dispensaries.

RoveBrand on Instagram

RoveBrand on Instagram

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