Pretty Girl Extracts: More Than Just Another Good-Looking Dab

A Top Shelf fixture in some of the best dispensaries throughout the Southland, Pretty Girl Extracts are a flavorful West Coast treat with a powerful cannabinoid kick.

 Classic California Concentrates:

Like getting stuffed in a peeling amber wave of terpenes and cannabinoids – deep in the THC-laced barrel – Pretty Girl’s potent extracts provide an inspired ride through the human psyche. Utilizing pounds of sweet pre-run flower in the creation of these flavorful dabs, Pretty Girl’s Nug Run extracts represent the pinnacle of concentrate consumption in the world of 710 (OIL).

Pretty Girl Extracts

Guerrilla Tech: Pretty Girl Extracts

Gorilla Tech Shatter:

Pretty Girl’s ‘Guerrilla Tech’ represents a palatable and persuasive concentrate. Guerrilla Tech is a composite of the ever popular Sour OG, a classic Pre-98 Bubba and the ever-popular Gorilla Glue. Producing a heady dab of terpene-rich extracts, Guerrilla Tech’s flavor profile leans toward the OG side of the flavor spectrum. Chronic, spicy, and sour – Guerrilla Tech’s terpenes were meticulously preserved through a proprietary flash blast process of their live resin. Painstakingly preserving the extracted flowers intense flavor-rich compounds and their medicinal cannabinoids, the end result of their unique one-off process makes Pretty Girl’s Guerrilla Tech a stellar extract with an authoritative cannabinoid profile.

Mountain Dew, pretty girl concentrates

Mountain Dew: Pretty Girl Extracts

Mountain Dew Crumble:

Pretty Girl’s ‘Mountain Dew’ is another creative concentrate that crosses a  J-1 strain, a.k.a. Jack One, with the first-place winner of LA’s 2014 HTCC, Gorilla Glue #4. Doing the extracted Dew and delving deep into the aromatic Kaleidoscope long associated with Gorilla Glue #4 and J-1, Mountain Dew represents the newest addition to the extensive line of concentrates created by the skilled extract artists at Pretty Girl. Loaded with beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, after dabbing a chunk of their Mountain Dew crumble, this test pilot was left feeling relaxed, content, and ready for a quick surf session. And perhaps, a quick snack.

Flower Only:

No swag here. While some extract artists opt to utilize trim or sweetleaf in the creation of their concentrates, as a means of padding their bottom line, the skilled blowers at Pretty Girl use only the best flower available. Focused on their customers’ enjoyment, the creative minds behind this southern California-based extract company have taken the concentrate game up a notch.

Pretty Girl’s newest line of high-end marijuana extracts will be available by the first week of November at Venice Medical Center (VMC), Santa Ana Show Grow, Downtown LA Show Grow, Romona Show Grow, Downtown LA’s Buddha Company, and 1 Stop in Garden Grove.

In the below YouTube video, Gil from Weedmaps and Shay from Seedless take Pretty Girl’s Orange Pellegrino out for a spin.

(Find Pretty Girl on Instagram via this hashtag: @prettygirlpge)

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