Ohio Votes To Legalize Recreational Pot Today: Will Nick Lachey Become A Marijuana Kingpin?

As one of the backers of marijuana legalization in The Buckeye State, Nick Lachey could go from ex-boy-bander to marijuana kingpin in just 24 hours– provided Ohio’s Issue 3 passes.

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That’s right it’s Election Day – Tuesday, November 3rd – and in Ohio, supporters and opponents alike will have the opportunity to vote on the highly volatile topic of marijuana legalization. If passed, Ohio would be the fifth state to legalize the consumption, cultivation and distribution of recreational marijuana in the United States.

Unfortunately, the wait for a final tally on today’s vote might be an agonizing one for Ohio’s constituents. Despite working towards this critical moment for years, the vote still remains too close to call. In other words, the voting public could be kept in the dark until well-after the polls close tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

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If passed by Ohio’s constituents, Issue 3 would legalize the personal possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for those over the age of 21, and up to 8 Oz’s for those licensed by the state. As to the fortunate few who are granted an Ohio cultivation license, they’ll be able to germinate an unlimited number of marijuana seedlings, and cultivate up to four mature females.

Brick-and-mortar marijuana shops will also be permitted under Issue 3, which is where the ex-boybander comes in. Provided Issue 3 passes, Nick and his new group of friendly investors will be supplying Ohio pot smokers their freshly legalized marijuana, as promised by the controversial initiative.

While there’s little doubt this contentious and highly debated stipulation represents a serious sticking point for Issue 3, its passage would clearly represent a breathtaking conquest for those hard fighting marijuana reformers and fans of civil liberty.

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