North Pole: Santa Claus Puts Medical Marijuana On “Nice” List

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and there’s one thing Santa Claus wants you to know; He supports medical marijuana in the tiny community of North Pole, Alaska.

As recreational consumers queued up to purchase their first official sack of state-sanctioned pot in Valdez, a kindly old bearded gentleman in a big red suit has stepped up the defense of medical marijuana for those patients at the North Pole, according to Alaska’s NBC4i.

A deeply religious child advocate, monk, and one-time Director of America’s Terrorism Research Communication Center, Santa Claus (that’s his legal name) is also one of the millions of Americans fighting to overcome cancer.

With a firm belief that the North Pole’s Prop 7 should be at the top of his “Naughty” list, Santa has a timely and seasonal message for their Chamber of Commerce.

I think they are not in this particular instance embracing the spirit of love,” Santa surmised. “I think what they’re doing is engendering hate, which comes from fear.

Per online reports, the North Poll’s Proposition 7 hit the ballot after Councilwoman Holm cultivated and pushed a petition aimed at gathering the mandatory 75 signatures in the city of 2,138 people.

Facing a hectic schedule for the next couple of months, Santa may have a hard time germinating, cultivating, and curing his next crop of medical marijuana. Fortunately for the big guy in red, he can easily pack up his sleigh and head to Fairbanks and grab his meds.

Wishing you an early “Merry Christmas,” big fella.  I like your style.

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