Michigan: HB 5161 Seeks to Protect Medical Marijuana Patients From Wrongful Termination

As 2015 medical marijuana legislation continues to make serious inroads throughout the country, a Michigan State representative has cultivated a long-overdue bill; aimed at protecting workers from being wrongfully terminated for utilizing the medicinal herb.

Introduced on December 15, 2015: HB 5161 would provide protection to Michigan’s medical marijuana patients from employer retribution. Barring employers from terminating patients simply for possessing a state issued card, or testing positive for THC.

Having witnessed Colorado’s current dilemma from afar, Michigan State Rep. Sam Singh believes unjustified firings have become a significant problem in more than a handful of states where medical marijuana is now legal. As such, Singh has cultivated a new bill that would prohibit employers from sacking employees for simply using medical marijuana – provided that it “does not hinder job performance.”

Per proposed House Bill 5161:

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While Singh noted that he has long supported the idea of medical marijuana, the East Lansing Democrat believes the issue of job security was inadvertently omitted earlier this year when the House passed major changes to Michigan’s medical marijuana system.

Read full text: HB 5161

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