Age-related immune system decline slowed by antioxidants

New research has demonstrated how the aging process damages the immune system, while showing how antioxidants in the diet could slow the build-up of this damage.
An image of the thymus gland.
The thymus is an organ that produces T lymphocytes – white blood cells that are crucial to the immune system.

Findings from the study, published in Cell Reports, also lend support to the “free-radical theory” of aging, whereby reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide ...

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Many seniors overestimate their mobility

Many seniors who visit emergency departments require more assistance with physical tasks than they think they do, which may lead to hospital readmission later on. The results of the study were published online Friday in Annals of Emergency Medicine (“Self-Reported vs. Performance-Based Assessments of a Simple Mobility Task Among Older Adults in the Emergency Department”).

“Ensuring that older adults discharged from the emergency department are able to safely function in their home environment is important because those who are unable to ...

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National Conference of State Legislatures Calls for Amending Controlled Substance Act

During today’s National Conference of State Legislatures annual meeting, politicians from around the country were coming down on the side of medical marijuana, calling on the feds to update the Controlled Substance Act (CSA), thereby allowing states to legally determine their own legislative path for both marijuana and hemp regulation.

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The Magnificent Seven: High CBD Strains And How They Help

While the stress reducing nature of the marijuana plant has been considered a medicinal herb for generations – though unfortunately maligned by politicians and the press – it’s non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid has recently received some seriously positive coverage in the 24-hour news cycle.

Currently, the general consensus within the medical profession is that CBD could ultimately prove to be a highly therapeutic compound, and one that will spark an uprising for medical marijuana around the globe.

The 420 Games Brings Its Fun Run & Cannabis Awareness To San Francisco

The prohibitionist stereotype that has perpetuated the lazy, inactive, unenergetic stoner is slowly disintegrating. From modern-day champions like Michael Phelps and Randy Moss, to growing support for medical marijuana from players and former players of the NFL, it turns out that marijuana-use and athletics are not diametrically opposed activities. Indeed, more and more people are looking to utilize marijuana while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes everything in moderation, except sweat!

The 420 Games ...

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New Research Absolves Teen Marijuana Use in Long-Term Health Issues

Chronic marijuana use by teens found innocent of causing mental and physical health issues later in life. . . 

An August 3, 2015 report conducted by the American Psychological Association, which closely monitored nearly 400 long-term male adolescent pot smokers nearly 20 years ago, has discovered that prolonged marijuana use in no way is connected with problematic health issues discovered later in life.

According to Jordan Bechtold, PhDWhat we found was a little surprising.”

The postdoctoral ...

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Drone Delivery of Drugs to Ohio Prison Sparks Fight

An unexpected drone delivery (at least by some) at Ohio’s Mansfield Correctional Institution last week was carrying over two ounces a weed, more than six grams of heroin and a fistful of tobacco.

Drone Delivery of Drugs to Ohio Prison Sparks Fight

Drone Delivery of Drugs to Ohio Prison Sparks Fight

Unfortunately for the intended recipient, the attempted contraband delivery was an utter failure that initiated a fight ...

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Exclusive: Justice Department Admits Misleading Congress on Marijuana Vote

Leaked Document Shows Why Feds Believe They Can Ignore Medical Marijuana Law

Prior to Vote, Officials Argued the Amendment Would Have Broader Implications Than Medical Marijuana

Justice Department officials misinformed members of Congress about the effects of a medical marijuana amendment being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives, according to an internal memo obtained by

The amendment, which lawmakers approved in May 2014 by a vote of 219-189 despite the Obama administration’s objections, is aimed at preventing the ...

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Even a little weekly moderate to vigorous physical activity goes a long way for the over 60s

Just a little moderate to vigorous physical activity – below the recommended amount – every week still seems to curb the risk of death among the over 60s, suggests an analysis of the available evidence published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The health benefits of 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous physical activity are well known, but older adults often find it difficult to reach this target, say the researchers, who wanted to know if any ...

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Eating away at cognitive decline

MIND diet may slow brain from aging by 7.5 years

While cognitive abilities naturally diminish as part of the normal aging process, it may be possible to take a bite out of this expected decline.

Eating a group of specific foods known as the MIND diet may slow cognitive decline among aging adults, even when the person is not at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at Rush University Medical Center. This ...

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