New Study Finds Legal Cannabis Equals Fewer Pharmaceuticals

Legal access to cannabis may reduce the use of multiple classes of dangerous prescription medications in certain patient populations,” according to the results of a new study.

Regardless of what some officials in the Trump administration believe, Americans have a major problem with pharmaceutical narcotics, and that’s something cannabis can help mitigate, according to the conclusion of a recent University of New Mexico study.

From 2014 ...

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Toronto’s Dispensaries and Lounges Address the City Council

Several members of Toronto’s cannabis community addressed the city council today to voice their opposition to the proposed moratorium on unlicensed dispensaries and cannabis lounges. This gathering was in response to announcements made on Sep. 8 by the Ontario Provincial Government, which stated that law enforcement will make efforts to close all unlicensed cannabis operations within one year.

The closure of these establishments will clear the way for a fully government-run ...

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Arkansas Marijuana: Who’s in Charge in Little Rock?

Now that the Sept. 18 deadline for cultivator and dispensary applications has passed, it’s time for the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission to review each of the 227 cultivator and dispensary applications filed as of 4:57 p.m. local time.

The members of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission were appointed in December 2016 by Governor Asa Hutchinson, President Pro Tempore of the Arkansas Senate, Sen. Jonathan Dismang, and the Speaker of ...

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California Pressing Feds to Reclassify Cannabis

California lawmakers have been hammering out recreational marijuana regulations ahead of the Jan. 1 deadline, but one major roadblock is still a cause for concern among industry stakeholders.

The federal prohibition of cannabis persists even while many states have long since abolished it, which raises a number of issues for state legislators, business owners, and cannabis enthusiasts.

Now, California is taking steps to urge the federal government to rethink its harsh categorization of cannabis ...

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Why Cannabis Prohibition is a Significant Factor for Meth Use in Southeast Germany

In the Czech Republic, you can find cannabis, methamphetamine, cheap souvenirs, tobacco, and more in one convenient place. While this may sound like an anarchist’s dream, the availability of dangerous drugs alongside everyday merchandise has been having a negative impact on a small German region that borders the country.

While the number of methamphetamine users in Germany has been relatively low since 2010, the federal states of Saxony and Bavaria, which border the Czech Republic, ...

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Too much salt could increase diabetes risk

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9 Million Grams of Pot Ordered for 1 Canadian Province

A multi-million dollar announcement came out of New Brunswick today with two licensed producers (LPs) supplying cannabis to the entire province once adult-use marijuana is legal. Organigram is based in Moncton, New Brunswick’s largest city, and they will be allocating approximately 25 percent of their production to support the adult-use market. The LP has committed […]

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New Poll Shows Support for Recreational Marijuana in New Jersey

A new Quinnipiac University poll surveyed 1,121 registered New Jersey voters for their opinion on a wide range of topics that included everything from Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating (very low) to support for background checks on all gun purchases (very high). The poll also asked respondents a number of marijuana-related questions. On the topic […]

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Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Cannabis World Congress Conference

Rev. Al Sharpton understands that fighting for marijuana legalization isn’t about “getting high” – it’s about economic freedom, diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity, and exercising your right to vote. On Thursday, the Rev. Al Sharpton provided an informative keynote address at the 4th Annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition (CWCBExpo) held in Los Angeles. While […]

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