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Doctors Who Reported Child Marijuana Fatality Now Backing Off Claim

Now that more than 22 million people report using marijuana in any given month, the potential health benefits (and risks) of the plant are coming under more scrutiny than ever.

A frequently cited note in marijuana advocates’ fight to reschedule marijuana on the Controlled Substances List is the big “zero” next to the plant in the “overdose fatalities” field. Weed has never killed anyone — at least until this week, claimed two doctors in Colorado.

But ...

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Smith Falls, Canopy Growth Push Back on Canada Monopoly Mindset

The Ontario government has been crystal clear when it comes to its views on marijuana retail. If you want to own a private storefront, you must go elsewhere. But a decision by the Town Council of Smith Falls Ontario has the potential to change that — or at the very least, reignite the conversation surrounding marijuana retail in Canada.

The monopoly mantra is a tune Canada’s largest province has sung since the early days ...

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Las Vegas-Based Artists Finds His Voice With Recycled Propaganda

It’s not surprising that artist Izaac Zevalking, who succinctly drills down complex societal issues into a solitary image could also, in a single sentence, tackle the meaning of life. “Like life, you are envisioning the endpoint but it’s the journey that is the significant thing,” he notes, adding, “Art really embodies that. We acknowledge that there isn’t any endpoint but we still embrace the journey.”

medicated kids

Zevalking, 30, has used his own ...

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Michigan Moves One Step Closer to Legal Marijuana

With over 350,000 signatures gathered and their debt paid, on Monday, Nov. 20, Michigan moves one step closer to legalizing marijuana.

Advocates of Michigan’s effort to legalize recreational marijuana have announced they’ve cleared their first major hurdle; they’ve paid their bill and are prepared to turn in the necessary signatures to place their initiative of the 2018 ballot.

Supported by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol (CRMLA), Michigan’s effort to reform their marijuana

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California’s New Cultivation and Manufacturing Regulations Are Here

In order to reach compliance with the cannabis legalization bill voters passed in November, lawmakers have been working relentlessly to prepare for the Jan. 1, 2018 opening of the state’s legal marijuana market.

The first step was collecting input from concerned citizens, business owners, and stakeholders to determine what should and shouldn’t be covered in the state’s legalization language. Now, with New Year’s Day looming, the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control must merge the ever-evolving ...

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Alberta Announces Details on Recreational Marijuana Sales

The province of Alberta made an announcement Thursday which further outlined the details of their provincial marijuana legislation.

As revealed on Oct. 5, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) will be the central wholesaler of all cannabis products. Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Kathleen Ganley elaborated on the details Thursday, announcing that Alberta will allow for a privately owned and operated retail distribution system.

Further to this ...

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Quebec Announces a Strict Cannabis Regime

In the most authoritarian plan to date regarding the distribution and sale of legal cannabis in Canada, the province of Quebec tabled its legislation Thursday.

Similarly to Ontario’s sales regime, all cannabis retail from the top down will be handled through a government-run monopoly. These operations will be executed by Quebec’s liquor control board, the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). The official name for the government outlets is the ...

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