King’s Kush Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: King’s Kush is a super potent trichome covered, petrol-reeking OG Kush crossed with a short, stout, and mighty Grape Ape. Known for her merlot hue and grapey terpenes, this trichome-covered beauty rules the 420 kingdom like a boss.

The Result: King’s Kush has one of the fastest onsets of any strain. As soon as you let that first bong rip out, you feel her transport your overly stressed mind to happy and creative place. As she turns to her heavier Indica side, you begin to feel sleepy and content — a sweet combination. Her elevated CBD and CBN cannabinoid content make this an ideal strain for pain and insomnia.

Type: (40% Sativa; 60% Indica)

Also Known As: Her Majesty

Genetics: OG Kush x Grape Ape

Origin: Amsterdam

How Stoned Will You Get: A rock solid 8

Average THC: 18%

Average Price Per ⅛: $35


  • 3. Place SCCC 2009
  • 10. Place IC420 2008
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Strain Profile/The Science: The well-known powerhouse OG Kush meets another proper Indica with a super grapey flavor and some serious resin production named Grape Ape. Whether you’re hanging out at the house or going out for the night, King’s Kush is great company to keep!

Appearance: King’s Kush enjoys solid, dense nuggets that resemble the shape of miniaturized pinecones. Her unusually tight buds are dark green with a variety of blues and purples covering her vibrantly colored flowers. Ripe with swollen amber heads protruding from her sweet flowers cloaked in potent trichomes, King’s Kush is one of the most resin encrusted strains on the market today.

Consistency: King’s Kush nugs are tricky and sticky. Covered in a glue-like resin, her buds require a little extra effort to roll that perfect joint by hand. As is true with most of today’s chronic strains, a quality grinder is a must-have.

Scent: As 420 aficionados crack open their King’s Kush stash, her piney, lemony, grapefruit aroma hits the olfactory, while simultaneously polluting the room with her funky aroma. Breaking up just a joint’s worth of flower can leave her telltale signature wafting through the room. Her lingering and heady aroma are immediately followed by the scent of rich dark chocolate, maraschino cherries, champagne grapes, and orange zest.

Taste: King’s Kush has a unique lime-like flavor profile that coats your entire mouth with sweet and sour terpenes. A perfect after dinner toke, King’s Kush leaves a creamy aftertaste in your mouth similar to an aperitif.

Effect: Upon exhaling her candy flavored smoke, consumers can feel the halo effect taking over their stressed-out cranium. Now relaxed and working on remote control detail, the constant static noise of the outside world dissipates. About 30 minutes into your creative Sativa trip, King’s Kush transforms into a laid-back Indica high. Couch locked with sleepy eyelids and an elevated spirit, the King’s Kush high lasts for about 2.5 hours, and is a great alternative to toxic pharmaceuticals.

Strain Background: This strain was cultivated during the beginning of the new millennium as greenhouse seeds started to experiment with some highly potent hybrids.

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Growth and Seed Info: Comes in only feminized seed form.

Pros: Taste, buzz, smell, yield

Cons: Difficult to grow, she will devour your nutrients.

Original Breeder: Greenhouse seeds

Current Breeder: Greenhouse seeds

Known Phenotypes:   Indica-dominant phenos; fast flowering, squat, dense

Seed Bank of Choice:  Greenhouse Seed Company

Flowering Time: 65 days

Flowering Type: SCROG (Screen Of Green)

Growth Height: 5’-6’ ft.

Expected Yield: 1-1.5lbs. per 1,000 watt light

Garden Skill Level:  Advanced

Breeder Quote/Advice: SCROG, LST, and Topping for maximum yield, trellis her up and you will get the most out of her. She may be short but is extremely viney, so stay on top of any dead foliage.

Medical Uses:  Kings Kush works great for alleviating chronic pain, daily anxiety, increasing appetite, mitigating migraine headaches, minimizing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, sleeplessness / insomnia, depression, and menstrual cramps.

Verdict: King’s Kush not only rules the world of flavor and aroma but she also helps today’s sick and suffering with her high CBD and CBN cannabinoids. Renowned for work with terminally ill patients, King’s Kush is a definite keeper.

Related Strains: OG Kush, Grape Ape, Sage, White Widow, Haze # 5, NYCD

Family: Kush

In the below YouTube instructional video, we learn how a trellis can help control plant growth and promote bigger yields. from the garden.

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