J1 Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview

The Scoop: One of the more frosted-over strains we’ve seen, this super-Hybrid of Jack Herer and Skunk #1 will have you feeling energized and focused in no time. Premium J1, like the cut smoked for this review, is a dream strain for those looking to get up, get out, and get it, whatever that may be. J1 is extremely popular among outdoor enthusiasts and creatives seeking a dynamic boost to their drive. We got our batch of impeccably manicured J1 from Palm Springs Safe Access. SC Labs tested this specific batch at a staggering 25.57% THC, meaning this J1 offers a much more robust high than the average 18-21% THC you’ll find in typical J1 flowers. Wanting to make this delicious wake-and-bake strain last as long as possible, I kept it in a small package with a Boveda humidity pack to assure maximum long-term freshness.

The Result: The powerful effects of J1 are best utilized in the morning, when you’re most likely in dire need of a swift kick out of bed and into your daily routine. The intense Sativa nature of J1 will allow you to hone in your focus and accomplish whatever you set out to do. J1 may feel like a surefire Sativa once smoked, but there are faint traces of Indica as well in this high-end Hybrid’s family tree.

The Verdict: J1 was surely invented by someone with quite the to-do list because it will power you through your objectives with ease. A hybrid cross of Jack Herer and Skunk #1, J1 offers its end user a fresh take on two Hall of Fame strains. Skunk #1 is often thought of as a perfect strain to crossbreed due to its well-balanced genetics and proportional head/body high. Fascinatingly, Jack Herer is a descendant of a Skunk strain itself, so the enhanced genetics help make the Sativa side shine even more brightly.

J1 strain hybrid jack herer skunk sc labs test lab

J1 Potency Results from SC Labs

Strain Characteristics

Type: Very Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Genetics: Jack Herer x Skunk #1

Origin: West Coast

How Stoned Will You Get: 8/10

Tested THC: 25.57%

AKA: J1, Jack One, Jack Frost

Average Price Per ⅛: $55

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 Strain Profile

The Science: The Skunk #1 side of J1’s genetics gives the strain its robust, full-bodied flavor, whereas the more lemony notes come from J1’s Jack Herer-itage. The two parent strains combine to offer the end user a lively experience that builds exponentially throughout the first portion of the high.

Appearance: J1 is reminiscent of the first snowfall in New England; when the ground is barely covered in a frosty October snow, the crisp, newly-frozen grass still pokes up through the thin layer of icy crystals. The beautiful Hybrid even has long protruding burnt orange pistils sticking through the trichomes like fallen branches from the tree above. The J1’s flower is a pastel green in color — even before you take into account the abundant glaze that encompasses the buds. Breaking the dense J1 open reveals what resembles a seafoam tarantula, covered in hairs that will have you digging through the basement for your microscope to further investigate.

Consistency: Even with a Boveda pack keeping the J1 fresh, this strain leans on the dryer side. Surprisingly, all of the J1’s trichome “dressing” doesn’t add any stickiness to the buds, making it a breeze to break up with your fingers for a morning bowl pack or blunt. Not leaving an adhesive-like residue on one’s fingers in the morning immediately before hunt-and-pecking a keyboard for 8 hours at work is a major selling point — especially when it quickly becomes your go-to breakfast bud.

Scent: Opening a fresh pack of J1 will permeate the room with an oaky, lemony aroma that reminds you of a freshly cleaned dining room. The scent is powerful and draws you in, complementing the J1’s appearance to create a truly stunning presentation. Can’t wait to taste this beauty!

Taste: After twisting up a cone, packing a bong, and vaporizing the J1 to assure that yerboi tasted the Hybrid each and every way I could, the flavor was unmistakable. The citrus notes carry over well to the palate, as does the woodsy essence of the J1, along with some minty afterburn. The amalgamation of the citrus and the savory is evocative of a tall, cold Arnold Palmer with a freshly cut mint leaf garnish. RIP.

Effect: After inhale, the weighty smoke fills your passageways with a flavorful rush of J1. Immediately, I felt a pressure behind my eyes, as if my cranium was literally filling up to the brim with the tart smoke. The intense heady effects continued with a wasabi-like clearing of the sinuses before giving way to an invigorating and focused experience. Colors and lights seemed intensified, vividly popping out from their normal existence, similar to putting on 3D glasses. The high wasn’t overbearing or controlling, but rather it enhanced all activities optimally. The J1 seemed to open up my airwaves after smoking, making each breath feel like your first one outside in the morning.

Medical Uses: Sufferers of chronic fatigue should flock to J1 for its ability to kick you into gear. J1 is very popular among patients with depression, as the strain instills an exhilaratingly happy warmth within its lucky recipient.

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Growth and Seed Info

Pros: Aroma, taste, wake-and-bake Hall of Fame

Cons: Buy in bulk as premium cuts of J1 can carry a hefty price tag

Current Breeder: Palm Springs Safe Access

Known Phenotypes: Can sometimes grow sideways like a vine and has long internode spacing

Seed Bank of Choice: N/A

Flowering Time: 9 weeks / 70 days

Flowering Type: N/A

Growth Height: Medium-Tall

Expected Yield: 1 lb per 600 HPS

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Family: Jack Hybrids

Related Strains: Super Jack, Chemdawg Sour Diesel, Chocolate Thai

j1 strain macro

Courtesy of Allie Beckett

Straight From the Source

We wanted to hear from the people who know this cut of J1 best, so we reached out to Robert Van Roo, who leads the team at Palm Springs Safe Access. Besides offering a top-notch dispensary, PSSA also grows many of their high-end strains in-house, ensuring they maintain their meticulous process and dazzling flower.

We asked Robert what information he would give to a patient inquiring about J1, to which he gladly replied, “Our J1 comes from Jack (Herer) and Skunk #1 lineage. The Skunk side is great for those with chronic pain anywhere throughout the body, while the Jack side offers the patient an uplifting focus. Jack strains work wonders for patients with ADD or ADHD, as well as depression. The limonene terpene in the J1 is what gives it that strong citrus smell and taste, while another terpene called myrcene aides in the delivery of THC to the bloodstream. Personally, J1 is my favorite strain — my top choice. I’m an avid collector of Jack strains and I’m currently working on more cross strains because there just aren’t that many strains that can match Jack Herer. Our J1 is from a heritage farm up in Northern California and isn’t being circulated to anyone else in the world.”

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