It’s Finally 4:20 for Middle-Aged America

Pressured to conform in the past, today’s middle-aged adults are looking to get high again.

Selflessly wading through an endless garden of agony, many of today’s middle-aged Americans born during the 60s & 70s, and raised during the turbulent 80s & 90s, used to enjoy smoking pot as a means of relaxing. Forced to conform during their march towards maturation, many quit “firing up” to relax – instead, turning to more socially acceptable (read: harmful) substances.

Addictive, deadly and done…

Now tired of slamming toxic pharmaceuticals sold as “antidepressants” or “mood enhancers” –  and maintaining their façade of normality – ‘Boomers’ and Gen Xer’s are switching back to cannabis as their go-to source for washing away the day’s stress and anxiety. Putting down the alcohol and pills, and proving that you’re never too old to enjoy the right strain of weed, the below graph indicates middle-aged America is turning to the therapeutic applications of cannabis.

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For those looking to help today’s middle-aged Americans navigate the psychoactive world of edibles, oils, concentrates, and flowers … here are a couple of helpful suggestions.

Start Slow

First and foremost, start slow and plan ahead. Those trying to help out mom and dad get high for the first time (in a long time) should remember that old-school tokers just “hittin it” for the first time will have a severely reduced tolerance level; in the day and age of high-octane marijuana products, low tolerance can be an issue.

Use Discretion

Since weed is still considered a Schedule 1 narcotic by the federal government, consuming it in mixed company can be a fast-track to unemployment. Though seeing your middle-aged mom and dad stoned is amusing for friends and family, and hopefully calming for your parents – the first few times they get high, they may well come across as being a tad bit paranoid. Isolated and in a secure location with plenty of munchies, those reentering the 420 world should turn off their cell phones as a means of ensuring the outside world remains clueless to their elevated condition.

Start with an Indica

Older smokers should avoid those thought-provoking day-time Sativas.  Instead, select a high-THC Indica to avoid any paranoia caused by many potent Sativas. Getting high at the end of a busy workday allows our middle-aged adult Americans to fire any work-related stress.

Prepare for Enjoyment

After getting high, food tastes better, music sounds sweeter and interesting conversations flourish. Those re-entering the new hybrid world of today’s modern marijuana strains will discover that planning ahead creates an enhanced experience. Prep the fridge, get the classic playlist ready, and enjoy the experience of youth.

As our middle-aged parents continue to get older and the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the people we love dissipates, we find the proverbial shoe on the other foot. No longer concerned with our youthful transgressions, now is the time they need our help. It’s our responsibility to have “the talk” with our parents to teach them about the beneficial nature of marijuana use.

(Photo courtesy of the Washington Post)

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