High-Flying Smuggler Busted: 100 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Luggage at Logan International Airport

Stupid is as stupid does: Demonstrating a serious lack of judgment, Boston police busted a California man that hopped a plane from the Bay Area to Boston’s Logan International Airport for issues with his luggage late Wednesday nigh. The problem? His two overstuffed suitcases containing approximately 100 pounds of California’s finest marijuana.

According to online reports:

 “The Logan Airport Task Force, comprised of Massachusetts state troopers and DEA agents, were waiting for 31-year-old Trang Pham when his Delta flight landed at about 5 p.m. The Task Force approached Pham as he exited the terminal and began questioning him, according to the Massachusetts State Police.”

Zeva: a smugglers worst nightmare (Photo Courtesy of Boston.com)

Zeva: a smugglers worst nightmare

Skipping the whole “Man’s best friend,” bit, State Trooper Eric Pecjo and his drug-sniffing dog, Zeva, easily detected Pham’s stuffed and stinky luggage at the baggage claim area. After receiving the necessary warrant from a Boston court authorizing their search, the Boston Task Force made short work of locating the would-be smugglers California stash.

“Police said they found the marijuana packaged in heat sealed plastic wrap in his luggage. Pham was arrested for trafficking in marijuana and is expected to be arraigned Thursday in East Boston District Court.”

While this high-flying drug mule was no-doubt looking to make a few quick bucks, on what seemed like an easy mission, he now faces a $10,000 fine, felony charges, and potentially spending the next 1 – 15 years in a Massachusetts prison.

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