Hawaiian Snow Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: Crossing a potent trichome-encrusted Hawaiian with a Nixon-era strain known as Laos, today’s Hawaiian Snow holds the distinct honor of winning multiple times at the lofty High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Result: Hawaiian Snow has an awesome high flying cerebral buzz that gives you a burst of super creative and motivational energy; it’s a perfect strain for those strenuous daytime activities. Inspiring and delicious, there’s little doubt as to why this strain has won so many accolades.

Type: Sativa (80% Sativa; 20% Indica)

Genetics: Hawaiin x Laos

Origin: Amsterdam

How Stoned Will You Get: 9.5

Average THC: 21%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 6 x winner

  • 2. Place HTCC 2011
  • 1. Place SCCC 2010
  • 1. Place IC420 2007
  • 3. Place HLC 2006
  • 1. Place HTCC 2003
  • 3. Place HTCC 2003
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Strain Profile/The Science: Hawaiian is a tall, vigorous, trichome covered plant that has been around since the early 70’s. This strain earned fame when it was purportedly used by the island’s early surf legends to relax their aching muscles after a long day of paddling their ancient long boards through the lineup at Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and Makaha. Making those exotically peeling lefts and rights even more alluring, the early Hawaiian strain was crossed with a super heavy yielding, landrace Sativa, Laos – which in turn created the famous HTCC dominating strain, Hawaiian snow.

Appearance: Looking at Hawaiian Snow is like watching Kelly Slater terrorize backdoor pipeline on a good day … simply mesmerizing. Dripping in THC-laced trichomes, her dense buds are chartreuse in color with hints of purple accenting the tips her stoney flowers. Soul arching into your subconscious, Hawaiian Snow’s pistils appear burnt orange in color and represent a distinctive trait this exotic flower. One of her most notable attributes is her over-the-top density. 

Consistency: A grinder is a must with this sticky lady! Hawaiian Snow has some seriously glutinous nuggets; a glue-like quality that makes rolling a joint, after breaking it apart, more than a little difficult. 

Scent: Unleashing this potent girl from her well-sealed hiding place, she releases her spicy aroma into the air with hints of Thai chili, sriracha, sandalwood, and black licorice. After shredding a joint’s worth of her psychedelic plant matter, you can smell her sour fruit-like undertones and spiciness from blocks away.  After smoking, she leaves her wonderfully spicy hazy aroma wafting through the air for hours.

Taste: After taking a healthy rip off the bong, you can feel her spicy smoke invigorate your taste buds with her complex collection of active flavonoids. Reminiscent of cedar wood, grapefruit, cherry,  and whiskey, Hawaiian Snow’s flavor is a very unique experience. Upon exhaling her smoke you can pick up on subtle flavors of sour citrus with hints of mangos, kiwi, and oranges.

Effect: Hawaiian Snow not only elevates your mood … she truly energizes your soul. Providing a great deal of creative energy, this strain makes for a great daytime smoke with invigorating effects.

Strain Background:  First cultivated in Amsterdam, Hawaiian Snow is a hybrid of two tropical landrace strains from the South Pacific. The marriage of these two almost pure Sativas creates one of the most psychedelic strains you’ll ever experience.

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Growth and Seed Info: Normal or female seeds.

Pros: Taste, smell, buzz, yield

Cons: Difficulty growing

Original Breeder: GreenHouse Seeds

Current Breeder: Greenhouse Seeds

Known Phenotypes:  Gangly, spindly, Sativa-dominant,

Seed Bank of Choice: Green House Seeds

Flowering Time: 77 days

Flowering Type: SOG

Growth Height: 4.5 – 6’ft.

Expected Yield: 1.5- 2.2 lbs. per 1,000 watt light

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Breeder Quote/Advice: SOG, LST, Topping for maximum yields

Medical Uses: Migraines, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, muscle pain, cramps, PTSD, nausea, lack of motivation, and lack of creativity.

Verdict: Hawaiian Snow is a 6 x cannabis cup winner and it is no surprise why. She is simply bomb with a super upbeat buzz that allows you to go about your work day without becoming super tired. Great strain for the morning or around 3pm when you’re about to crash.

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Family: Skunk

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