GMM in Germany: 27 Cities are Marching for Cannabis

In Germany, the GMM has firmly established itself over the last five years. Since 2011, the number of participants and cities involved has multiplied. This year, demonstrations were held not only in the metropolitan areas of the republic but also across the whole of Germany. All in all, 21 of 27 cities of various sizes took part last Saturday while the remaining six will demonstrate next weekend.

On the first GMM weekend, the demonstration in Freiburg was the best frequented March. Under the motto “Legislation makes sense” the small city nearby the border triangle on Germany, Switzerland, and France attracted nearly 1000 participants.

In Berlin, where the hemp parade in August is traditionally the country’s best-frequented event in terms of the prohibited plant, 500 people gathered to demand legalization. In the Görlitzer Park, the crowd stopped for a rally to remind the Berlin Mayor on the promised coffeeshop-pilot in order to replace the huge, open drug scene in the park.

A total of seven thousand participants came to the marches in Munich, Braunschweig, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Mainz, Frankfurt, Passau, Stuttgart, Duesseldorf, Dresden, Halle, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Rostock, Freiburg, Berlin, Cologne, Viersen, Erlangen, Konstanz and Weiden on May 6th. For this coming weekend, thousands of participants are again expected in the remaining cities. The GMM has grown considerably in Germany within a few years and now has as many participants as the traditional Easter marches.

Cover Image Courtesy of Melinda Kujau

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