Gary Johnson Knows That Forgiveness is a Virtue

While the two main opponents in our nation’s upcoming presidential election can’t help but act petty and vengeful, one of the fringe candidates is dishing out forgiveness to his “enemies.”

According to The Associated Press, Libertarian candidate and former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson said he absolves his ex-public safety secretary Darren White after the two had a very public falling out in 1999. Governor Gary Johnson’s stance on legalizing marijuana was behind the divide, and Darren White resigned from his position because of it. At the time of White’s resignation, he said Governor Johnson was “hurting the morale and credibility of New Mexico officers because of his drug stance.”

darren white sheriff

Darren White / NM Political Report

Fast forward to 2016, and White performed a 180° on weed; the former politician is now the Chief Executive Officer and Security Director for a New Mexico marijuana dispensary called Purlife. Gary Johnson not only forgives White for his hypocrisy, but applauds his former colleague’s ability to embrace progress. Johnson told the AP that “everyone makes mistakes, but he is happy that Darren White has come around and endorsed the legalization of recreational marijuana.”

“Admitting mistakes is really (the) key to moving forward. And Darren White admitted he made a mistake,” explained Johnson. “So I forgive him, for what’s [sic] that’s worth.”

After resigning from his public safety post, White served two terms as Sheriff of Bernalillo County, where he continued to be a vocal supporter of the war on drugs until he retired from law enforcement. It wasn’t until White got fed up with the side effects of opioid painkillers that he turned to cannabis.

“Now that I have chronic back pain, I get it,” White conceded. “I’ve always said, admit when you make a mistake and I did.”

Possibly attempting to mend some burned bridges, White endorsed Johnson for the United States Presidency in June, citing the Libertarian’s drug reform stance as one of the deciding factors.

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