Florida Rep. Pitches Marijuana Legalization Through Constitutional Amendment

Offering a rather unique pathway to legalization in the Sunshine State, (D) Florida State Rep. Michelle Vasilinda has authored and filed a fairly thought-provoking bill in the Florida Legislature. The Florida Democrat is attempting to legalize the personal possession, consumption, and distribution of marijuana for recreational purposes by eliminating it from Florida’s extensive list of controlled substances – thereby legalizing it through a constitutional amendment.

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According to online reports, Rep. Vasilinda is tired of bearing witness to the waste of human lives.

“We have a lot of people in prison for drug charges and non-violent charges, and I think it’s the wrong way to go about controlling drugs.”

Vasilinda’s filing of the schedule-changing legislation comes a little more than one month after the group Regulate Florida was granted authorization from the state to begin collecting signatures on their initiative to legalize marijuana in the state of Florida; hopefully putting the issue of marijuana legalization before the voters during the 2016 presidential election.

Currently, the pro-pot legislation – House Bill 4021 – is awaiting assignment to a Florida committee.

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