Florida: John Morgan Talks Lawsuit, Rescheduling, and Running for Gov

One Orlando trial attorney has some rather elevated goals for 2018.

John Morgan, the Florida attorney who helped finance the epic battle for medicinal cannabis in the Sunshine State, has three new goals on his immediate horizon: Sue the state for their legislative faux pas prohibiting the smoking of prescribed medical marijuana, reschedule the therapeutic cannabis plant, and potentially run for the highest office in the state in 2018.

Sue to Smoke

Down for the legal challenge, Morgan has repeatedly stated he intends on filing a lawsuit in Leon County once Gov. Rick Scott signs the smokeless bill into law. Last November, the state’s constitutional amendment expanding the use of medicinal cannabis was passed with 71% of the vote. Exposing the state’s legislative hypocrisy in regulating tobacco and cannabis, Morgan told the AP on Friday night, “If they were really concerned about smoking, why don’t they heavily tax cigarettes?”

Reschedule Marijuana

A lofty agenda for the Orlando trial lawyer, Morgan made some intriguing inroads over the weekend with one of Trump’s early supporters – Roger Stone, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“Roger Stone speaks to President Trump on a regular basis,” Morgan tells the Times/Herald. “I am urging him to urge the president to remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.”

Run for Governor 

While politics often ‘makes strange bedfellows,’ as the old axiom goes, common sense and necessity make us all one-of-a-kind. As such, a John Morgan candidacy for Governor of Florida in 2018 should be considered a serious threat to the status quo.

Temporarily content with observing the 2018 Gov.’s race from the sidelines, Morgan and his deep pockets have stated he’ll “wait until next spring” to decide if he wants to run.

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