Did The DEA Make The Argument for Legalization?

Historically, the DEA has classified marijuana in the same category as LSD, Heroin, and Psilocybin – as a Schedule I Narcotic. Laughed at by most that understand this peaceful plant, on January 10, 2017, the DEA tweeted an interesting chart that seemed more like a Freudian faux pas.  

In an apparent attempt to further their campaign of demonizing pot via skewing the statistics with blanket suppositions, the DEA provided their highly subjective insights of the above chart.

Noting the direct correlation between their educational crusade against Big Tobacco (“cigarettes kill”), which has worked out nicely, and comparing it to the perceived health risks and consumption habits of today’s 12th grade marijuana smokers, the DEA has seemingly forgotten two very important facts – cigarettes are perfectly legal and marijuana is still a prohibited substance.

Despite causing death and destruction for millions of Americans since 1612, tobacco has remained a valued commodity for the duration of the Agency’s chart. Taxed, regulated and exposed for its health risks, as Americans began to perceive tobacco products as harmful, its use has declined precipitously.

Meanwhile back in the bizarro land of federal prohibition, where pot use is equated with heroin use, the DEA’s own chart exposes a serious flaw in their logic. As the benign nature of marijuana’s perceived health risks continues to plummet, its use merely fluctuates rather than spiking.

In fact, truth be told, the rate of marijuana consumption amongst Colorado’s teenagers has declined since 2011, according to a June 2016 report by Colorado’s Healthy Kids Survey (HKCS).

Apparently, the DEA exists in a state of perpetual denial.

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