Colorado: Initiative 300 Fires Up Social Marijuana Consumption Vote

Initially clouded by America’s political upheaval and massive voter turnout on November 8, 2016, Denver’s Initiative 300 has seemingly received a majority of the voters support for social marijuana consumption, according to the Denver Post.

“As of 7:30 p.m. Friday, 52.7 percent of voters have supported passage of Initiative 300, giving it a lead of 14,443 votes, or 5.3 percentage points. That compares with a narrower 1.3 percentage-point lead the measure had a few hours after polls closed Tuesday.”

Potentially cultivating another important moment in America’s oozing petri dish of democracy, Denver’s newest pro-pot initiative is set to germinate an experimental 4-year program in the Mile High City. Legalizing the indoor consumption of your favorite cannabinoid laced oils, drinks, or noshing of edibles, Denver’s many restaurants, cafés, and bars may soon enjoy some chronic new liberties – like public marijuana consumption.

On a strictly B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bud) basis, and in specifically designated areas, patrons in properly licensed establishments would be allowed to consume their favorite cannabis products to their heart’s content. Regrettably, any applicant applying for a social marijuana use permit would have some serious obstacles to overcome.

“Applicants for annual or temporary permits would need backing from a single neighborhood group, such as a city-registered neighborhood organization or Business Improvement District. Those groups could set operating conditions in exchange for their support.”

Down from 90,000 uncounted votes as of last Thursday, approximately 47,000 ballots remain to be tallied as of Monday morning. Anxiously awaiting the final results to be announced, last Friday’s holiday put any ballot counting on temporary hold.

Voting for equity over fear, science over ignorance, and legalization over prohibition, Americans have voiced their opinion loud and clear during the 2016 general election. Seeking lawful parity with other socially acceptable means of relaxing, Denver’s voters have chosen to step up again to the plate of history and prove to the rest of the country that marijuana consumption is socially acceptable and, as some reports indicate, safer than alcohol for today’s modern society.

Fingers crossed, we should get the official notification by no later than Tuesday morning.

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