Cannabis Culture Opens Eight New Dispensaries in Montreal Today

Earlier this week, the marijuana task force announced its recommendations for the framework of what will be world’s first, nationally legalized cannabis industry. Both activists and politicians alike praised the suggestions as sensible, open minded and progressive.

So based on the good news, if you are one of the most recognizable Canadian pot activists in the world, what do you do now? Do you call it a day, light up some Granddaddy P and rest on your laurels?

Well if you’re Jodie Emery, you push forward and double down.

Jodie Emery is one-half of the famous Emery team. Together with her husband, the legendary Marc Emery, they have created a pot empire in Canada known as Cannabis Culture. It consists of vapor cafes, a magazine, an online television channel and now several owned and franchised (illegal) dispensaries across the country.

These are not your typical medical marijuana dispensaries where you can only get pot if you have a prescription. They are full-on, adult-use marijuana shops that sell to anyone 19 or older.

The Emery’s recently announced that they will be opening 8 new shops in Montreal alone, starting today. With those new locations added, that makes their cannabis army twenty dispensaries strong.

Although Jodie and Marc are by far one of the biggest “lawbreakers” when it comes to cannabis reform, law enforcement does not seemingly arrest them directly. This is more than likely due to the extremely negative attention police would get for doing so. “I imagine our high profile might act as a deterrent, but we’re activists who are familiar with civil disobedience, so come what may we will deal with the future.”

Jodie went on to add that the 8 new franchises in Montreal opened today, and they have had requests for 30 new franchises. “There will be [franchises]opening in Ottawa in January, and next year we will opening up all across Canada.”

Considering these new stores are opening in Montreal, which has been a hotbed in regards to law enforcement over the last few months, it was inevitable that the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, chimed in and Jodie was happy to share his thoughts. “The Mayor has already tweeted online that [our dispensaries]are illegal and they will do what they can to stop them administratively. But we have been asking the police and also the government to not give us any grief. So we don’t know what will happen, it’s always unpredictable.”

Unpredictable indeed. For the moment, all 8 dispensaries are open and they have lines inside and out. If you find yourself in Montreal today, it’s more than worth braving the frigid -13C temperatures, to get your hands on some permafrost.

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