Bringing RB26 Home For The Holidays

Few gestures show just how much you care for an individual during the holiday season more than giving the gift of great weed. And with Christmas just around the corner, this seemed like an opportune time to cultivate some insightful wisdom for three of RB26’s newest strains: Purple Tangie, Sauce #11, and Grouch.

Unique, distinctive, and elevating the typical THC test results for their rare strains, RB26 smokes their comparative competition by focusing exclusively on scarce, incredibly high testing strains, that whenever possible, are pheno-hunted from original seed. Distinguished by elite genetics and breaking from the normal cultivation paradigm, RB26, and their team of skilled growers has shied away from the massive open floor warehouse grow-ops. Instead, opting for more easily managed grow rooms of smaller dimensions, RB26 has developed a technique that produces some of the most potent weed currently grown in North America.

Conscious of their marketing analogy and the direct parallel between the prohibited engine and RB26’s powerful strains, this Santa Cruz-based company has sharpened their skills and established themselves as a driving force in California’s newly legalized marijuana industry. Frustrated with the passé advertising model most commonly associated with the industry, RB26 has sought to carve out a slightly more sophisticated segment within the West Coast’s flourishing marijuana sector.

Underscoring the clean power of RB26’s meticulously cultivated flowers and the company’s marketing feng shui – is their attention to even the most minute details. By establishing a collective of boutique-sized grow rooms for individual strains under one very large roof, they can easily manage climate and hybridization experiments while reducing the potential for cross-contamination. While many will enter the world of marijuana cultivation now that California has legalized recreational cannabis, the master breeders at RB26 have set an unusually high bar for their competition to reach.

Aimed at a sophisticated audience with a refined palette, and perhaps an elevated tolerance, each of these three strains were a pure pleasure to experience in their own distinct way.

RB26 Purple Tangie

RB26 Purple Tangie

Strains: Cali Orange x Skunk

Appearance: RB26’s Purple Tangie packs a seriously potent punch in its golf ball shaped flowers. Observing the swollen and purple calyx clusters as they tightly embrace the stem, it quickly becomes obvious this is a flower to be reckoned with. Dusted by THC-laced crystals like a fresh snowstorm whipping through the Tahoe Valley, the properly manicured flower appears fresh and inviting.

Texture: Dense and solid yet properly cured and responsive to a test squeeze, my sample showed evidence of masterful processing.

Scent: Citrus and lavender are the first noticeable traits to hit the nose. Then, with a second dip into the RB26 Purple Tangie jar, I caught a complex aroma of sweet lemons and mangoes.

High: One hit, two hits, three hits … chores! Providing energy and a head full of motivation, Purple Tangie provides a robust kickstart to your daily routine.  Just a small rip of some RB26 (along with a quick cup of coffee) works perfect for knocking out those pesky daily chores around the house. Cultivating a more civilized mindset, RB26 Purple Tangie works well for those with an active schedule.

RB26 Sauce #11


RB26 The Sauce #11

Strains: Gorilla Glue #4 x Green Ribbon BX

Appearance: By crossing one of RB26’s most powerful strains (Gorilla Glue #4) with Green Ribbon BX, RB26 has created a rare new flower for your smoking pleasure. Solid to its core and loaded with flavorful terpenes and trichs, Sauce #11 produces knuckle-like nodules that taste just as good as they look.

Texture: Heavy and compact, Sauce #11 is a connoisseur’s dream come true. Packed tightly together, Sauce #11 is an ill-advised strain to try and break apart by hand. Instead, Sauce #11 is best prepared for consumption with a nice sharp grinder. With a few simple twists of the wrists, this lady’s active cannabinoids are released and ready for action.

Scent: A soon-to-be foodie favorite, this strain smacks of a mad mix of chocolate, nuts and, what I can only describe as a salsa-like aroma.

High: As a Sativa-dominant hybrid that leans 60/40 towards the lighter side of her gene pool, this strain was originally created by Exotic Genetics and was also an outstanding motivator. Perfect for those active days, I found her truly inspirational when it came to paddling out in surf that I would’ve otherwise ignored. Rarefied, savory and packing a mystifying flavor profile, Sauce #11 will be my new go-to strain for blown out days on the Central Coast.

RB26 Grouch

Grouch Marijuana Strain By RB26

RB26 Grouch

Strains: SFV OG x Jolly Rancher

Appearance: Unlike Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street fame, this SFV OG x Jolly Rancher hybrid  is a pleasure to experience. Visually inspiring, Grouch’s hidden attributes remain camouflaged by her apricot colored pistils and cloaked by her wall of THC-laced trichomes.

Texture:  Tenaciously viscous, RB26’s Grouch enjoys a slightly clingy personality. Like it’s compact namesake, this Grouch can also be a little sticky to the touch.

Scent: Like a Holiday for the olfactory, Grouch fills the consumer with joy as her aroma hits the nose.  A West Coast favorite from Oregon to San Diego, this herb reeks of top shelf quality . A pungent sack to be sure, her enhanced floral aroma is like that of a sweet jolly rancher on steroids.

High:  Make sure your schedule is open and you’re ready for at least a few hours of downtime, as Grouch’s high is lofty and euphoric. Medicinally therapeutic, Grouch cultivates a recuperative mindset that lasted this guinea pig approximately 2 hours. Generating an elevated head and body sensation that’s accompanied by a warm and relaxing mindset, Grouch will definitely take the rough edges off those individuals trudging through their 9-to-5 workday.

Summation: Ater  testing the above three strains there remains little doubt – at least in my mind – RB26 has some incredibly high flying genes in their cannabis catalog. Unfortunately for some, like the occasional rare white rhino…their strains can be hard to find. In an attempt to save the end-user a little additional research, here are two dispensaries that stock RB26 on their shelves: CannaCruz, and Buddiez.

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