Another German Capital Wants Cannabis Legalization

Marijuana reform in Germany is happening faster than anyone could have possibly imagined.

In the last few months alone, Berlin has announced a coalition of “coffee shops” in the German capital that will be part of a pilot program to sell cannabis for adult recreational use. In the medical marijuana sector, Germans are buying more MMJ than ever, with sales doubling in the first half of 2016.

Now the City of Düsseldorf wants in on the action and they have decided to take things a step further, pushing for the complete legalization of cannabis within their territory.

Yesterday, the Düsseldorf City Council met at City Hall with experts in psychology, crime, and economics to discuss the issue and plans to move forward. Representatives from other cities in Germany who are interested in perhaps moving ahead with their own cannabis reform were also in attendance.

During the meeting, former Police Commissioner Irene Mihalic argued in favor of these changes, stating that “criminalization and deregulation are two sides of the same coin. Drug policy is health policy – and it must be separated from domestic and criminal policy.”

In an interview with DW Magazine yesterday after the official meeting, Green Party member Angela Hebeler said that the best way forward for cannabis legalization in Germany would be for all the cities and territories to work together.

“It makes sense to work with all these cities and share out who does what,” said Hebeler. “Maybe we should create different models so that we find one that gets approval.”

City Council plans on using a scientific study to show that legal cannabis sales will not have a negative effect on people. No word on when these next steps will be taken, but it’s clear that the Germans have legal cannabis as a goal in mind and they are organizing quickly to make it a reality.

Cover Image Courtesy of Seedsman

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